Rules for Unicorn Trivia night beta

Beta Rules
Joining the Game

Accessing Zoom

Click Here to join Zoom on Computer
892 1403 1459

You can also Scan QR Code Below

 Accessing Game Control

Best on Mobile Device

Click Here to Access UTVB1

Code: UTVB1

You can also Scan QR Code Below

Chrome browser works best.

Etiquette on the Internet

DO Make Noise

BUT DO NOT Yell Out Answers

DO NOT Cheat

DO Have a Good Time

Beta Round Rules

There are 4 Rounds of 5 Questions

Question 1 is Practice | Question 5 is worth Double

Answers available after Question is Read

Refresh your browser when problems

Answers CANNOT be changed once submitted

Round 1

10 Points per Question

No time penalty

Round 2

15 Points per Question

No time penalty

Round 3

25 Points per Question

Time Penalty

Round 4

50 Points per Question

Time Penalty

Awards Ceremony

Stick around after the awards to hang out and ask questions or provide feedback. 

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