Gay Bar Trivia in Los Angeles

Serving Trivia Night Fantasy

Photos by Aiana Shaw

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Want to bring a little glitz and glam to your office zoom meetings? We can customize a trivia experience with questions curated for your event.
Hosts Miss ShuMai and Jenna Seikwah can host games for your teams using a points timer mode, survivor mode, or family-feud style trivia games. Or divide participants into teams for a team trivia showdown!

Send us a message and tell us how we can help spice up your next meeting. 

Having a little party and want to bring a little drag, a little trivia and lot of fun to your event?
We bring the tech, the hosts, and the prizes. All you have to do is enjoy the party.  Miss ShuMai and Jenna Seikwah will host, slay and entertain your guests for days to come. 

Send us a message with how we can help make your event the queerest of the queer.  

"Please join me on Jenna's side."

"Please join me on the right side."