Game Rules
Chrome Browser is Best
gay ass trivia
To play, go to
and enter code GAT1
Mobile Device Required
No Yelling Out Answers
Don’t Cheat
Have Fun

After entering your Nickname and Email, you will need to select a Team. 

Select “Team Sheba” if you have not registered a Team of your own.

Must hit SUBMIT after selecting Multiple Choice option

Round Rules

There are 5 Rounds of 11 Questions

Question 1 is only Practice

Question 11 is worth Double

Round 5 has a Time Penalty

Refresh your browser when it isn’t working

Rounds 1 & 2

100 Point Questions

200 Point Question 11


Rounds 3 & 4

150 Point Questions

300 Point Question 11


Round 5

Time Penalty

250 Point Questions

500 Point Question 11

Awards Ceremony