Unicournament 2023 Contest Rules
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🦄 Unicorn Trivia night is a magical place where you play queer AF Trivia, on your own devices, for a chance to win weekly prizes just for knowing stuff about things and junk. 

Teams of up to 6 regulars players, and 2 alternates, can register to compete in the Unicournament, beginning in 2023.  Each team will choose a captain and a home location where they can earn the points of their top scoring member each week. The FIRST Team to accumulate 100,000 points wins their choice of 🎁 Disneyland Tickets an 🍎 iPad or 💵 Visa Gift Cards.

Registered Teams that play Unicorn Trivia Night on Zoom or at any other of our events, can earn up to 1,000 additional points per event. 

Solo and LFG? Join us at 6 PM every Tuesday on Zoom for Unicorn Trivia Night beta. Teams who are recruiting can find new members and solo players can find new teams.

Solo and NOT LFG? #TeamShuKwah is always recruiting and is captained by Drag Host Superstars Miss Shu Mai and Jenna Seikwah.  If you are the highest scorer on TeamShuKwah that night, you will be eligible to win, as long as you keep playing with TeamShuKwah each week for a minimum of 5 weeks.

If TeamShuKwah reaches 100,000 points first, the prize will be awarded to one of TeamShuKwah’s top scorers. 


Team Registration for the Unicournament typically opens three weeks prior to the starting date of play and closes one week prior to starting day. Unicournament slots are filled on a first-registered, first-paid basis.

The Unicournament only accepts registrations by entire teams. Individuals who wish to compete must compete on Team ShuKwah. Teams typically consist of Six (6) regular players and Two (2) alternate players. If for any reason a regular player needs to leave a team, you will have 2 additional slots to use to fill their spot for the remainder of the Unicournament. 

If a Registered team wants to recruit an individual to their team, individual will not lose their chance of winning on Team ShuKwah as long as their new team continues to compete through the remainder of the Uniocournamnet.

Categories and Questions

Unicorn Trivia categories will vary from event to event, and may include topics such as current events, history, pop culture, science, sports adjacent, and more. However, all categories are written/reviewed by the friendly Unicorns here at Unicorn Trivia to keep them interesting, queer friendly and fun.

We do our best to verify the answers are true and correct, but we are also only human, so if you find we made a mistake, please let us know here.

Rounds, Points and Scoring

Rounds of trivia will vary from event to event but Unicorn Trivia typically consists of 4 Rounds of Trivia with a brief intermission after Round 3. 

Points for each question will vary. Points will be awarded for correct answers, with bonus points available for particularly difficult questions at some events. 

The person with the most points at the end of the night will be declared the winner. If the Team is playing at their Home location, they will earn the full points of the player and will count toward the 100,000 goal. If the player is playing at an alternate location, they will earn 250 points for reach round they participate in, for up to 1,000 additional points per event. This will also count toward the 100,000 goal.

Practice, Questions and Wagers

The amount of questions per round will vary but typically consist of 10 questions. 

Question 1 will always be a Practice Question and worth 0 points. The purpose is to allow players to verify they can play on their device.

Questions 2 – 9 can contain multiple choices, number entry, text entry, true or false, videos and images. Each question’s points will vary from event to event but typically are worth:

  • 100 Points – Round 1
  • 150 Points – Round 2
  • 250 Points – Round 3
  • 500 Points – Round 4

The higher the round the harder the questions. Typically Rounds 1 and 2 do NOT have a time penalty. Rounds 3 and 4 DO have a time penalty where the point total one can earn from a correct answer will reduce as the question timer counts down. 

Question 10 will always be a Wager Question. Players will be provided a hint and can wager as many points as they like from from the points they earned in that round. Players can also bid 0 points. 

Conduct and Cheating

Players must play honorably. Players will act in ways that bring respect to themselves, their captain, team and Unicorn Trivia. Players will not insult or fight other people… especially the hostesses or staff.

Cheating is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent disqualification. This includes consulting outside sources or using your electronic devices to search for answers instead of guessing like an honorable idiot would do. 

If you really need to win at something so badly that you are willing to ruin it for everyone, might I suggest politics instead?

It’s a Game. Have fun! 

Suspensions and Disqualifications

If a Registered Team or Individual Player is Disqualified for any reason, they will forfeit all of their points and may not be allowed to register again in the future. 

Teams and Individuals can be Disqualified for:

  • Cheating / Gaming the System
  • Inappropriate Language / Behavior
  • Being suspended Twice
  • Because a Hostess said so

If a Registered Team or Individual Player is Suspended for any reason, they will stop accumulating points in the Uncournament, but will still be allowed to win event prizes. 

Teams and Individuals can be Suspended for:

  •  Registered Teams missing more thank 2 Weeks of events
    • Suspension begins on the 15th day of non-play by any of the 8 registered email addresses 
    • Suspension ends immediately if team agrees to take a 25% point reduction
    • Suspension ends automatically 20 days after Begin Date of Suspension

Event Winners

There are typically three (3) Unicorn Trivia Place winners and two (2) Raffle winners at each event. The person with the most points will win 1st Place and win either a bar tab or gift card to the location the winner is playing.

The people with the second and third highest scores will win 2nd Place and 3rd Place respectively. Prizes will vary but typically consist of plushies, paddles and unicorn horns. 

If you are the highest scorer on your Registered team, or TeamShuKwah, your name will be entered into the contest. If TeamShuKwah reaches 100,000 points first, the prize will be randomly awarded to one of the top scorers from the competition. TeamShuKwah individuals that miss 3 Trivia Night events in a row will lose eligibility, but can regain it by playing again during the competition and being the top scorer on #TeamShuKwah.

Unicournament Winner

The FIRST Registered Team to accumulate 100,000 points and will be declared the winner. The Registered Team Captain is the only person who may claim the prize. Prizes that the Registered Team Captain may chose from are:

  • Four (4) One-Day One-Park passes to Disneyland
  • an Apple iPad Air
  • $400 in visa Gift Cards