Welcome to Unicorn Trivia

Bienvenida a some Queer Ass Trivia

During lockdown, my husband and I played through all of our board games and became bored of all our games. We LONGED for some trivia that was about things we actually liked, but Jackbox was as close as we got. We created our own games using PowerPoint and our friends loved it. It has evolved into a web based game played weekly on your own device — no pens, pencils or paper required! You can play as a team, or an individual, and it is free for all!

You can win bar tabs, Pokémon plushies or other fun prizes just for knowing stuff about things and junk!

Want to see if you’re smarter than our drag superstars? Then come check us out at one of our events. It will be a gay ol time.

We’d also love to hear any other feedback you’d care to provide so please feel free to drop us a line below. 

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